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Why Evan Turner Should Leave Ohio State for the NBA

As an Ohio State fan through and through, I never imagined that I would one day suggest that perhaps the most important Buckeye on the team should do the unthinkable...leave for the world of professional basketball.

If Evan Turner were an Ohio State quarterback, a running back, even a linebacker, fans bearing the scarlet and grey would be shouting from the rooftops. They would invade radio stations with phone calls, and write letters to every newspaper in town claiming that he would never be welcome in Columbus again, should he leave.

However, unfortunate as it may be, Evan Turner is not a football player. Instead, he is the next product of a broken system, a broken rule, and I daresay, an unfortunate set of fans.

Again I present the situation: How would things be different if the state of the Buckeye basketball team was somehow experienced by the football team? Would the school truly accept a loss in the sweet sixteen of the college football landscape (assuming, god forbid, there was ever a college football playoff system)?

More applicable to Turner himself, is the question: why are we not talking about him more? He’s the best player on the most beloved team in Ohio, but instead of talking about why we want him, we are all too concerned about our (arguably) successful junior quarterback’s knee. All because he plays in the ‘Shoe.

Think about what YOU would do, when presented with Turner’s position. Sure, he could stick around; play another year among the whining and complaining of Columbus that those stupid commentators don’t give the Big 10 football teams enough credit (we beat Oregon!). He could play another fantastic year, run away with the next player-of-the-year award, maybe even take us to a Final Four with the amazing new recruiting class.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Consider this. Last year’s number one overall pick was Blake Griffin, who is slated to make 4.9 million dollars in 2010, regardless of how many points he scores. He has yet to play a game in the NBA. If Turner were to leave, and the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have point guards coming out of their ears and are currently the second-worst team in the NBA, were to win the lottery, Turner would be an almost guaranteed number one selection.

If Evan Turner stays with OSU this year, he will play every game he physically can, he will score every point he can, he will bring the ball up the court every possession...and he will make exactly zero (legal) dollars.

That doesn’t sound so great.

My wishes are not to condemn the Ohio State basketball program, or its fans (of which I can be included). I only hope that I can point out to everyone the incredible double standard of Buckeye Nation, and maybe have them recognize Evan Turner, and those who follow, for what they really are.

Andrew King