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Ohio State Round Table: Split Personality Edition

By: David Regimbal

Being a fan of Ohio State football has its highs and lows. We've seen the mountain top with wins over Miami in the National Championship Game in 2002 as well as the "Game of the Century" against Michigan in 2006. We've suffered through the valleys as our team dropped 4 games in 2004, as well as getting dump-trucked (that's my adjective for these losses) by Florida and LSU in back to back National Championship games.

All of the emotions that build up and condense, as if my mind were a pressure cooker, have had an unnatural effect on me. I first noticed it when I was arguing with myself after the Buckeyes lost to Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. Part of me was happy that Ohio State played a heck of a game against a good team; another part of me was disappointed that they weren't able to come out on top.

It's the moment I was able to identify what was going on. Over the last few years, I have developed split personalities that only come out on game day. They are the direct result of being a fan of Ohio State. They each force me to feel something different.

This round table will be my weekly platform to showcase these personalities and their opinions on different subjects about Ohio State Football. Let's jump in!

What was your first impression of the Buckeyes against Navy?

Optimistic Oscar: What a game! Our team displayed a lot of growth in key areas from last year; I'm eager to watch this progress through the rest of the schedule.

Terrelle Pryor is showing he's more comfortable standing in the pocket and is throwing with solid mechanics. His growth as a passer was on display against Navy. When faced with pressure, he kept his eyes downfield and routinely found his playmakers instead of scrambling for those yards.

The defense played well against a tough offense in Navy, namely Brian Rolle and Kurt Coleman. Most people don't realize how tough it is to stop the triple option, especially when our defensive linemen are getting their legs cut out from under them. Think about this -- Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs only dropped back 15 times to pass the ball, but the defense was able to sack him twice. That means we're getting a sack every seven and a half pass attempts! I'll take that.

Pessimistic Parry: Oh my God, we are screwed.

Our offensive line still protects our quarterback like Janet Jackson protects herself from unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. Taurian Washington acts like Terrelle Pryor is throwing a pile of feces in his direction when he gets the ball thrown to him. And what the heck was going on in the fourth quarter? That fourth down call was horrible; we ran the same (unsuccessful) play twice in a row, and got stuffed. Ugh.

I'm making a prediction: our defense will give me shingles by the end of the season. How do we give up scoring drives of 80, 85, and 99 (!) yards to Navy? I know they're a good team, but we're supposed to have superior athletes and better technique then them. Unless their ball carriers were covered in Vaseline, there is no excuse for what we saw on Saturday. Navy was killing us four yards at a time.

Realistic Randy: First off, someone needs to get Parry a drink before he has a panic attack. The game this past Saturday wasn't all that bad, but there are definitely areas where we can improve.

I have a good feeling that Coach Tressel was keeping the offensive play calling very basic against Navy. He obviously didn't want to give USC much tape to watch; we didn't throw a pass farther than 15 yards all day. I have confidence in the fact that our offense will be a little more dynamic next week, but the guys up front are going to have to give Pryor a little more time to get through his reads. I was also pleased with the play of our running backs. I know there were some low points (the fourth down debacle that Parry mentioned), but I was very happy with both Boom and Saine's contributions. The opening kickoff where Saine got the reverse was the first time I saw his top-end speed. Very Cool.

The defense did a decent job against a very tough offense. It was a little discouraging to see quarterback Ricky Dobbs have that much success against our secondary. Obviously, our defensive backfield was playing man to man most of the day, but Anderson Russell got burned a couple of times. Fortunately, it looks like Jermale Hines will be taking his place against USC this week. You have to like that our defense was able to force four turnovers against a disciplined Navy offense.

Real quick, give us one thought on the upcoming USC game:

Optimistic Oscar: The last time we won a big non-conference game was against Texas in 2006 -- the second week of that season. The Longhorns were coming off a monstrous win against an outmatched opponent where they scored 56 points. They had a freshman quarterback in Colt McCoy starting his first big game. Sound familiar?

Pessimistic Parry: USC thinks were a joke. Taylor Mays (USC's freak of a safety) wear's the number 2 jersey for the Trojans. He was quoted this week referring to Terrelle Pryor as the "Little Duece" and declared himself the "Big Duece". As funny as it is that he called himself a big duece, it shows you what the Trojans think of us. They expect to crush us again.

Realistic Randy: It's hard to imagine the Ohio State getting blown out of the water like they have in their past big games, especially in their own stadium. True freshman quarterback Matt Barkley will have to deal with 105,000+ fans screaming their throats dry for three straight hours. Hopefully, the Buckeyes will be able to use that to their advantage and get a big win!